Does movies teach us?

Oh yeah! For everyone who is ready to learn many things in life teaches us.

Jungle Book movie unfolds us some fascinating life lessons.



Always Know Your People.

Everyone has people who love them and stay with them and people who no matter what hates them. Its very important to know and love people who always stood by our side. They give us strength to soar to new heights, they are the people who saw a great Tree in you when you are just a seed.



Honey Coated People

They are people you will meet in your journey whose words seems to be sweeter than honey. They talk nice words, move with you nicely but their end idea is just to deceive you. Play wise. Know People and don’t fall for them.


Be You

In life’s combat, no matter what always remember that Being Yourself is the most important thing. Be it the enemy might be great, huge and unstoppable. Believe me you are strong and you have enough strength to fight back. Know your strength and fight back. The enemy might be ShareKhan but you are always the King Khan.


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