Reasons to Believe In God!

Although many deny the existence of God may be because we google for his presence and may be because we don’t find him the search results! or may be Just because search results adds up more questions to doubt about his existence I feel there are more reasons to believe that He Exists even though we might not see or feel.


  1. The Existence: Have you ever seen the magnificent creation of this universe? Ever wondered who might have did it? Well When I see Moon, Stars and this Creation I believe there is God not just because they are out their in this universe but just because they are amazing and I cant deny that any existence other than a mighty force could do it. I called the Mighty Force – GOD!
  2. Circumstances: Some say life is all made of decisions we make and some say its Karma! I don’t know if its right or wrong but to what I believe is there is some force who drives our life whether you are a person who believes in God or not, still you agree that there is some powerful force that dominates us in our Life. I’m calling that Dominant force as GOD! oh yeah! He Exists!
  3. Miracles: Do you believe in Miracles? if your answer is right that’s great and if its No then the possible case is that you linked the definition of Miracle may be to some other word. Because Life is full of Miracles from the moment you were born & till we leave this place. some might not acknowledge its a Miracle but still Miracles happen! oh yeah! He Exists!

Do you still need reasons to believe his Existence?

Well I can tell you a story I heard when I was kid and when I asked the same question to my father!

“Once a group of Atheists (who never believe in God) were travelling in plane who were about to attend a debate on the topic ‘Is God there!’ so they were in the sketch preparing their points to shoot like bullets and convince entire audience that God never exists! & all of sudden the plane starts taking drifts and there seemed a feeling that there was some damage happened to the plane, guess what! everyone’s panic added lot of agony and when they safely landed the plane in the airport. The Team Lead Exclaimed ‘THANK GOD! We are Safe!‘”



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