Lets “Do This” for this Diwali


Diwali is a colorful and a bright festival for people around the Globe. I remember It was fun celebrating Diwali, as a kid all I know is to see fireworks, crackers and its all fun, but that’s part of childhood and part of innocence. As time went on I read lot of things that Diwali does that we ignore or dont know!

Writing in short!

Diwali can be Bright but It doesn’t need Crackers! We can fill our Homes with Smiles not Smokes!

We can burn out our Ego this Diwali but not Crackers because they are not Environment Friendly. If we go on making this Diwali Brighter with Crackers and Louder with Bombs, the only certain thing that will happen is this:

We see Smoke now only in the day of Diwali! If we don’t stop this we will continue to see Smoke everyday and breath the same!

Do you wish to Inhale that Air! Well I don’t Want to!

Take a Stand! Celebrate this Diwali with Smiles!


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