One Liners – Inspiration

One Line Inspiration

1. “Your greatness is not in your thoughts but in the actions born out of those thoughts.”

2. “We are the prisoners of our own thoughts and our mind, actual freedom lies in the mind and heart.”

3. “Anything that rests for long, rusts.”

4. “This world is easy to conquer, not by force but by love and compassion.”
(Inspired by Mother Theresa)

5. “The choices you make, maketh you.”
(Be the hero/heroine of your story.)

6. “Whenever you are sad/desperate/frustrated, take a moment and look around you,
you will most probably find people with worser problems living contented and happy,
If you don’t find one, then u have a great chance to become one yourself.”

7.”Life is a struggle, struggle born of choices,
some choices make you and some fail you,
But what matters most is the ability to choose love again, over and over again,
To love despite being denied,
despite being let down, rejected and defeated,
to love not because you are a saint,
But to love because you are selfish and Becoz that’s the best thing you can do to yourself. ” ๐Ÿ™‚

8. “Let’s learn not to crib about the arrow which just missed the aim, rather start with your next arrow,
the more we cry or think about the lost chance we are delaying our chance at victory, be it a relationship or competition.”


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