Talk At Inspired Youth Meet

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Youth, an amazing force who can chase the impossible. They can make things possible which are believed to be impossible. They have the strength, perseverance & courage to sail even amidst of storms. Especially the “youngistan” who have immense capability to make things and who can change the face of this world are in a pathetic position. So here is the reason that I believe is the cause for leading them into astray.
Recent studies recite that 56% of youth are aimless just wandering in this world. Once upon a time, to describe the word “YOUTH” words like “energy, passion, aim, dream, honesty, faith…” are used to describe them, as the time passed by words like“drugs, hatred, fear, hopeless, tired, passionless” substituted its meaning to it.
As its true that things change in the advent of time and it stands. The most important thing that changed from period was there attitude. There is quite large contrast from the past to the present. Humans no doubt became experts in every field, people had more knowledge than they had in the past but the situation became worse as stated by Russell that “We needs wisdom more than knowledge!”
We could create instruments which could sense the temperature but we failed in sensing the temper of our youth. “Youth” is the period where they are neither children nor a mature adults, its that adolescence age that’s between. The major view that young people get opened to is “the world teaches them as kids but expects them to do things as adults.”

The constant change in the youth mind set is a hurdle that we all need to cross. This age marks them with the greatest strength, strong mindset, and great
determination. Everything that the world can do is to shape this strength, to guide this passionate energy to transform this world.
Sometimes even when the spirit is eager to do great things, the world lets them down. Its drives the spirit into nothing, when they are discouraged. As said “a word sometimes can lift up the spirit.” We can bring change into youth attitude by encouraging them, by guiding them from desperation to raising the banner of victory.

Bottom Line:
Attitude can be changed, but it just takes times. There is an large view in this world that youth are irreparable. But as there is sun shine following the nights, even in this case it holds true. We can make them whole by little things a kind word, a word of encouragement, a smile – a positive energy to make them better people, making a better world.


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