BlackBerry OS Update

Blackberry has come with a super OS update and today i would like you to take a flight with it. For years i have been listening to critics about the shit that happens in blackberry and i still don’t understand why!

I feel the new OS update would be ZIP all the critics So this is what is there in latest update:

1. The Home Screen : Most of the people need a home screen which missed in the earlier versions of blackberry but don’t worry now with the os update BlackBerry gets you  a Crispy Home Screen which  you won’t find in other mobiles. With the super amoled display its is amazing!

2. The Camera: I agree that camera wasn’t a pro in Z30 but with the camera setting option you can do lot better that earlier. It gave you an option to shoot with 720, 1080p HD clarity and its really good.

3. The Battery: its true that nothing can beat Blackberry in terms of Battery. With the os update comes a super saver mode which is just incredible. with normal battery you can go on for atleast half a day with usage of songs, videos, texting, browsing and games! with the super saver mode just think how amazing it could be.

4. The Password Keeper: This is amazing, you wont  find this in Andriod. when ever you have to set passwords it like you need to download an application in the play store in andriod. but now blackberry got this enabled in the system default. You can rock with this!

5.The Equalizer: Here comes the blackberry equalizer which gives you option to listen to music in different modes like Rock, Bass, Treble and lot more. The phone has a got a new look with this.

6.The BB Assist: this is awesome feature. It has got Black Berry Assist where you can talk to it like a person on face. It is solid accurate. you can take humor talk too! Example: i asked will you marry me! came a reply! I’m flattered but i’m married to work!

7. The Tracker: It has got the best and most accurate tracker. Found this on Blackberry passport but now you will find this in new os update. Its accurate and superb!

8.The Hide option: It has got a Hide option where you can hide all the things, files, pictures that you want it to be private. It has got a default one. you dont have to download other app.

9. Personification: The blackberry has got lot personification according to each idea. you can do lot of stuff and exactly place things the way you need.

– it has got a LED customization option i.e. you can set different colors to different people.

– It has got wallpapers settings.

– you can individually set different tones to different people each at different sound volume.

– It has got better ! Believe Me!


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