Average Angels – Serena Eve Poor


I’ve seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives. –  Tracy Chapman

How many times can a person be knocked down, left out, abused, and have everything they have ever loved taken from them before enough is enough?  Once?  Twice?  A dozen?  Just because a person didn’t die doesn’t mean they’re not dead for you.  Not if you never see them or talk to them again.  A loss is a loss is a loss.  A little piece of me dies with each and every one of them too.  I will never love someone else the same way.

Sometimes I feel my heart is infinite.  All encompassing.  No matter how many pieces of it I bury there is always another, different part I could bury for someone else.  Gratefully and gladly.  I’ve lost track of the amount gone already while I look for more to fill other places.  There is no such thing as a person undeserving of love and compassion.  There is no such thing as an evil person.  Just lost souls with no one to care for them.  Which turns into anger, jealousy, lust, and hurtful actions.  A little understanding can temper the hardest heart.  Everyone deserves unconditional love; somewhere, from someone.

That’s what makes us human.  Not failing, not intellect, not having a soul.  I believe the strongest people on the face of this earth are the quiet, considerate souls who keep coming back for more abuse.  Not the biggest, or most powerful, or the most popular.

Some of the greatest angels are those you’ve never heard of.  They walk lightly in the background of your everyday life nudging you to be a better person by example.  They help every person they come in contact with by merely being themselves.  They inspire without your even noticing it.  They die that way too.  They are the butterflies that change history with a flutter of their wings.  When they are actually noticed the only thing to repay or honor them with is to try to do the same for someone else.  I’m sure they feel that would be the greatest tribute to their essence.  They prefer to not be noticed anyway.  It takes from the pleasure.

Servants is another name for these humble spirits.  Here just briefly to inspire and instill hope in the hopeless, weary masses.  When they are gone you only notice that something is missing, you just can’t put your finger on it.  Their genius is not wasted, it is merely directed in a million smaller ways.  A smile, a hug, an ear.  And they are the happiest beings that ever lived because, only they know how fulfilling life can be when there is connection or oneness with all things.

They are the lucky few who find heaven in the hell of living, who have all the answers to every question already figured out.  They laugh more, cry more, and see more beauty than humanly possible.  Theirs is the path of gods.  And our salvation.


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