Earth Bound


“As the crow flies.” Is lost on us
Except to explain distances and remind us
Of the simplicity of our nature that we are
Always earthbound in one way or another.

Yes we have machines that take and keep us
Off the ground for periods of time,
Some even can put us into an orbit
Around the globe but it too eventually
Dissipates against the constant pull
Of nemesis gravity which seems to lend
A permanent humility to being human
And comes between us and our dreams
Of soaring effortless among the clouds.

In part is why we believe in and honor
Angels with so much awe and deep respect
If we believe in such beings because
They, to our minds, can simply come and go
At will just by the flexing of their wings.

But being earthbound if one thinks about it
And bothers to look around is not such
A sorry state as we might make it seem.
Think of all the wonders we would not know
If all we did was fly above the world,
The secrets of its wonders we take so much
For a given as if it all were a birthright
To do with as we willed ourselves to do.

Think instead it is where we spend our lives
In joy and sorrow, in laughter and in pain.
Where the natural beauty that surrounds us
We somehow take for granted as being part
Of what it is to be the human caretakers
Of the brilliance of a bright blue orb floating
Like the jewel it is in the dark coldness of space.

By, K. A. Brace



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