India 2014 – BJP Rule!

General Elections 2014

The world is looking at India about its new prime minster, Americans wanted the congress to continue where the people of India needs a change. The All India Congress Party has failed to make common people satisfy with their progressive alliances. All though the Food Bill, Bharat Nirman, Girl Education, Kisaan (farmer) welfare etc were successfully implemented through out the nation but The Congress party failed in Making country free from corruption, it failed in giving a tough competition to Mr. Narender Modi (The prime Ministerial candidate from BJP).

Its a common humorous talk that “Its not the efficiency of Narender Modi but its the inefficiency of Rahul Gandhi. “

Here in this i would like to go deep inside the future about how India would be if BJP comes into ruling.

Although BJP is in a front row impacting the people of this country ahead of the Congress party, there are several issues that are to be discussed on the top. If the people of India choose BJP in the upcoming elections it will a be a tough time for large sect of people. The agenda of Modi is great, his speeches about the national integrity were amazing, his aim to build a nation where Americans would stand in queue for Visas make Indians feel superior… etc were amazing.


Although the development in Gujarat was immense and incredible, therefore all the nation dreaming of India to be like a super development nation within a period of time. As an Indian it would be great to see the nation transforming its title from a developing nation to a super developed nation which is self reliable, sufficient and efficient to solve its own problems, employment and better standards. As all are seen vibrantly in Gujarat the nation is impressed and was supporting to Mr.Modi to be its Leader leading, but there are several concerns the BJP need to go through if Modi has be won in Loksabha elections 2014.

Here is a glimpse of concerns wide people of India are looking at..

* As BJP sticks with the agenda of religious politics, it would mark out the religions like Islam & Christianity to walk out from the BJP’s hut.

# All the minorities would date back the events of January 23, 1999, where the nation was in shock with the death of  Graham Stewart Stains, an Australia-born missionary who was secretary-cum-treasurer of the Evangelical Missionary Society of Mayurbhanj, and his sons Philip and Timothy were sleeping in a station wagon when a mob shouting slogans doused it with petrol and set it afire.

These attacks were under the rule of BJP and was believed to be  according to Justice Wadhwa as he concluded that the main person who organised the attack was Rabindra Kumar Pal alias Dara Singh, and that his motive in doing so was “misplaced fundamentalism”, namely his conviction that conversions by missionaries were threatening Hinduism. 

# The babri masjid cases would in the minds of many people who would be keen. The issues with hand of Mr. Modi directly in the Gujarat riots would be surprising and challenging Mr. Modi as he need to answer the people as a Leader. 


* All BJP leaders make there way into political arena from the base of RSS. Is that a fair deal of Equality & Secularism.!!

* If BJP comes into power would they treat all religions equally? can they promise all people regardless of their religion a safe place to dwell in?

* The major question for most of the people is the problem with Bajrang Dal

#The history and ideology was horrible.

 The United States Department of State‘s annual report on international religious freedom for 2000 and World Report (2000) by the Human Rights Watch labelled this organisation as a Hindu extremist group. Paul R. Brass, Professor Emeritus of Political Science and South Asian Studies at the University of Washington, described the Bajrang Dal as Indian equivalent of Nazi Germany‘s Sturmabteilung

Bajrang Dal has also received criticism from moderate Hindu Nationalist organisations such as the Hindu Mahasabha. Bajrang Dal has been criticized for adopting the same violent methods as the Islamic Fundamentalists in their attempt to curb the spread of Islamic terrorism, a move deemed by the Maha-sabha to be counterproductive. In addition, theBharatiya Janata Party member and former prime minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee have also come out in criticism of Bajrang Dal. Vajpayee said that the Bajrang Dal “only embarrassed the BJP” and urged the Sangh Parivar to “rein them in”.After the Religious violence in Odisha, the Bharatiya Janata Party Prime Ministerial candidate L. K. Advani advised the Bajrang Dal to cease association with violence, concerned with the fact that it took pressure off the UPA government in Delhi.


Can BJP handle them? Can they promise a Government which supports equality? Can they promise a better world with harmony? can they promise Unity in Diversity?

If BJP can give a clean statement on these issues the favor would turn on them from all different religious sects who are in  a state of mind that “Congress or any other party would be better choice as they can be confident with there life as BJP’s policy would be “Progress at the Cost of lives of Minorities!” 


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