Respecting Women

The best way to treat a women is to give her respect. Here is your respect how can i show Respect that she understands.. then you have come to a right place.. here is the way you need to treat her so that she would understand that you respect her.


Be Chivalrous

First of all, show her that chivalry isn’t dead. Be polite and considerate in your actions. Even something small like opening a door for your lady can make a big impact!

Move At Her Pace

No matter how hard your hormones are raging, let her set the speed in your physical relationship. Never pressure her to move faster or farther than she’s comfortable with. She’ll appreciate that show of respect more than you know. When she’s ready to take the next step, you’ll know it!

Ask Her Opinion

If you’re dealing with a personal decision or crisis, whether big or small, ask for her opinion! She will be elated that you thought to ask, because it shows that you really value what she has to say.

Don’t Put Her Down

A little light teasing is harmless — and it can even help keep things interesting in your relationship — but don’t ever be cruel. Respect her enough to never put her down, even if she isn’t around to hear it.

Don’t Treat Her Like an Object

If you really respect a woman, you won’t treat her like a sex object or a piece of meat. Instead, her thoughts, feelings, and personality should matter a lot to you. Treating her like an interesting, well-rounded human being whom you genuinely care about will make her feel respected in no time!

Support Her Career

Whether she’s a high-powered career woman, a housewife, or something in-between, support her in all of her endeavors. Let her know that you’re behind her 100%, and that you believe she can do whatever she sets her mind to. You have no idea how grateful she’ll be for your support!

Control Your Temper

Would you feel respected if someone lost their temper and came at you with guns blazing? Probably not, so why would you think it’s okay to behave that way with the woman in your life? Take a deep breath and control your anger. She will thank you.

Listen To Her

You’ve probably heard it said that women love men who listen. It’s true! In the same way that asking her opinion will let her know that you find her opinion important, you should listen when she comes to you with her own problems. Don’t just nod and smile and pretend to pay attention; actively listen to what she says, and you’ll make her day!

Never Resort to Violence

The number one way to disrespect a woman is to become violent with her. Never, ever physically or emotionally abuse a woman. It is never okay. If you really respect her, you will be gentle and caring, not belligerant and rough.

Protect Her

While it’s most important to never lay a violent hand on her, do your best to ensure that no one else does, too. Be her protector. Make her feel safe, and she’ll know exactly how much she means to you.

Honor Her Decisions

Remember that she is capable of making her own decisions, and honor the choices she makes. Even if you disagree with what she’s doing, respecting her ability to make up her own mind is crucial to your relationship.

Compliment Her

If you want to give your special lady an instant dose of respect, give her a compliment! Tell her that she did a great job on her art project, or that she’s a wonderful cook. The more you tell her how amazing you think she is, the more likely she is to believe it for herself.

Offer to Help

Does she seem stressed out, like she has way too much on her plate? Give her a hand! The gesture will show her how much you love and respect her, and she’ll remember it for weeks — and maybe even months.

Trust Her

The ultimate show of respect is trust. Show her that you trust her fully, even with your biggest secrets. She will feel like an integral part of your life, and it will be clear how highly you think of her.

Treat Her as an Equal

Finally, treat her as an equal. Don’t condescend to her as if she is somehow beneath you, and don’t put her on a pedestal, either; instead, let her know that you are on the same level. That way, she’ll understand that you respect her just as much as you respect yourself!

Want to respect her then ~~ LOVE HER


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