Whats LIFE..?


What is life?

A place where you are put up to be accepted,
or a place where people neglect you..
This life is whole about being selfish..
you give your all to someone and receive nothing,
you give nothing to someone but get everything..

Where someone’s waiting for that single chance to show they love,
where you are busy impressing who don’t deserve your love!

Where you are giving your valuable time to receive they care,
as where someone’s counting days to show whats fair!

Where you are tired of not getting what you deserve,

just because you kept a false ones place reserve!

finally what you get is pain,
because the one you trusted was unworthy of the gain..

and now the whole world for you is shattered,

because now you are betrayed by he who mattered!!

Still somewhere someone is trying to give you hopes, someone
trying to make you happy..

well but it isn’t easy, to be happy to keep hopes..
because one the pain strikes it scratches your heart,                                                                            nothing seems right ..

All you need is a new start !!


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