Trekking the Hill!







We were just on the top of the small hill couple of hours back!

we saw a small place so beautiful in the midst  of waters, it was so wonderful that we wanted to go there, right to the center and enjoy its beauty. As its bushy the way isn’t made nor its there! we need rush into the plants, thorns, rocks simply not easy way.!

but we were beguiled by its beauty & we wanted to be there somehow! & finally we jumped in and kept going till we made the way till the middle.! half more to reach destiny & half to come back to the beginning point!

The way isn’t leveled! nor easy but we made the way through.! reached the destiny. it was amazing!


coming back i had a lesson to learn.

Life seems to be the same, we all dream of some we wanted to be, things we always wanted to have. But the way isn’t that easy to reach there. some stop at the beginning telling “it wont happen”, some more start & stop in the middle, but finally when we keep going we would be there no matter what!

To reach there you need to build your own roads, make your own food, run, sweat & get wet, make yourself dirty!!


You always became what you wanted to became, the reason why some dont make it is because they dont want to make themselves dirty!

Chase your dreams! No matter what! 🙂


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