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What does “awesome and awful” mean? You think you know it. Think again!

“Awe” means something wondrous or astonishing
“Some” means less
and “full” means up to brim

Then ever wondered why “Awe + some” is a better word than “Aw + ful”?

Back in the dark ages when the churches ruled, they wanted all talent to die, because they feared that anyone showing extraordinary skills would be worshiped and the church would lose all its value and control over the people. Now back then, when church would see people growing famous, they would behead them.

Therefore, people thought that it is better to be dilettante rather than being virtuoso. So less awe people were preferred and more awe (full of awe) people were considered useless.
People of that time thought being awesome (with less quality) would be better if they wanted to stay alive.
That’s why awesome became famous from 400A.D and still continues…


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