Hello VOTE!


“Those who casts the votes decides nothing & those who does even know how to count decides everything! “

Vote, a system which decides the future of the country!

Vote is an opportunity to decide your verdict, a change to make life better, only chance you will get once in 4 years!

& we keep it wasting. we are the people who stands for the change.! but we don’t vote. we are busy to stand at the polling booth. we have hours and hours to stare at a celebrity who just walks on the T.V screen but we don’t have time to stand and see who is deciding our future.

We exclaim “did he win!! useless, ridiculous! ”

we yell at the ignorance of the uneducated & casting their votes for the criminal politicians..! but what are we doing?

being educated! what is the difference! we are not even voting!

when we can vote and make a rainbow, then why are we yelling at rain??

if your vote can run a nation into progress why are we making it crippled??


“In India we have a problem, many of the educated people go to different places to work. so it has been a major problem as they can’t come back to their place and vote.!

It would be great if election commission could make a difference and make voting system even online. so they people in distinct places could easily vote!”


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