For My Teachers!!

I searched for lot of words for the teachers day because it was me who need to give the speech.. but the speech made be tired and left me emptied.

So i thought why don’t i write my words because they are my teachers! so this is what i wrote!

Dear teacher this words are frank but straight from my heart..


There were few guests for the dinner, among them was a CEO, a teacher & few others people. They were talking about Education and life. So the CEO being a tec guy stated a quote, he said “Those who can do.. they DO and Those who cannot.. They TEACH.”

{~most filthy right!!~}

To Corroborate, He said to another guest i.e. a teacher who was there.. he turned towards her and said “you are a teacher right can you tell me what do you actually make??”

{~asks with a sarcastic smile!!~}

Teacher being a Teacher stood, smiled and asked him

“sir do you want to know what i make??”

“i make them read

i make them write

i make them learn.!!”

she smiled and asked further “sir do you want to know what i make??”

He replied “oh yes!!”

she took pride in her words and told him..

” i make them surprise

i make them realize

i make them wonder

i make them question

i make them analyze

i make them criticize.”

you know what i make??

“i make students work hard, dream high than they thought that they could ever make!!

i make C grade look like a honorary medal and A+ grade as a slap on his face “if he is not up to there best!!.”

i make them understand that

“if you have brains – you can think

if you can think – you can do

if you can do – you can make a difference.”

with a smile on her face she said


You made difference in my life thank you my dear teacher.. i would never forgot you..

i owe you!!



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